10 movies to look forward in 2017

Just a few days ago we got a taste of what to expect from the much awaited and criticized 'Blade Runner' sequel, and while i don't expect it to be something as big and iconic as the original 1982 film, it looks intriguing to me. But that only reminds me of all of the films coming this 2017 and how much i'm looking forward for them so here are the 10 movies i want to watch this next year really badly:

Blade Runner 2049
While it's not directed by Ridley Scott as the classic movie is, Denis Villeneuve is a director to keep an eye on, as he has already delivered some interesting works like 'Prisoners', 'Sicario' or the recent 'Arrival' so i have high hopes for it. It also helps that the trailer looks amazing and it contains the whole mood of the first film so hope i won't get disappointed and that it turns out to be at least something interesting.

I don't really like biopics, for me they're the most boring thing, but Pablo Larraín has caught my attention with this Jackie Kennedy film. For a starter, her life is something that interests me and by the looks of the trailer it looks amazing. Also, Natalie Portman seems to deliver one hell of a performance so i can't wait.

It's Only the End of the World
I adored 'Mommy' by Xavier Dolan so this new film has my full attention after that. Dolan seems to have created another moving story about family combining it again with humor and sadness and he did so well with his previous feature that i already want to watch this new one as soon as possible.

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The Handmaiden
This is how a trailer should be done. Ironically, despite making a post about trailers, i don't like trailers at all as most of the time they reveal way too much of the plot and you can tell half the movie by the two minutes of the trailer but this one looks amazing. It's Park Chan Wook so it couldn't be any other way.

Trainspotting 2
I didn't really thought a sequel of this film would be any good but looking at the teaser it really looks awesome. The trailer of the film reveals too much of the story so that's why i'm posting the teaser because only with that i'm already waiting for this. Renton is back.

American Honey
I've been told that this is a mix of 'Spring Breakers' and 'Martha Marcy May Marlene' and loving those two films as much as i do is more than enough for me to want to watch it. Also, the trailer looks really good so i'm down for this.

La La Land
I'm not myself a person who likes musicals, in fact i can't barely tolerate them, but i have to admit this looks good. That and that it has brilliant reviews and that stars Ryan Gosling is more than enough for me.

Beauty and the Beast
I'm not either one who loves Disney movies, i love the old ones like 'Dumbo' or 'Sleeping Beauty', but this new version looks really good. It got the whole feeling of the old classics but in motion and while the idea of a film didn't attrack me at all, the trailer has gotten me hooked. I will be watching when it's out.

Certain Women
This movie got such good reviews and i liked so much 'Wendy & Lucy' by Kelly Reichardt that i want to watch this new movie of hers. The trailer doesn't look that amazing but it looks like one of those small stories that really touch you and i love that.

And finally, a little silly thing. I was not a fan of the original series, of course i watched it, but this looks funny and entertaining so that's everything i expect from it because we don't always have to watch award worthy films and this looks like a lot of fun.

sources: fuertecito & youtube

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