10 Favorite George Michael songs

I'm... speechless. The news of the death of George Michael on Christmas day have caught us all by surprise and heartbroken during a holiday he was so related to. And i just can't believe it. I knew he was having some really bad years when it comes to his personal life but he had managed to pull it off and make a huge comeback twice in the past, so i was just expecting the third one. Because if anything, George Michael has one of the best voices our generation has ever heard, with such range that he could sing whispering through your soul with 'Jesus to a Child' and powerfully sing 'Somebody to Love' at Freddie Mercury's tribute concert and sound almost like the Queen singer.

This 2016 couldn't be any worse when it comes to loosing great artists and with this one they literally took part of my upbringing, as i always watched his fabulous videos in MTV like 'Too Funky', 'Freedom' or 'Fastlove', and with 'Older' i became enchanted by his voice. I don't know, i just didn't expect for his voice to go silent.

My favorite songs from him below, in no special order but starting with 'You Have Been Loved', song he wrote as a farewell love letter to dear friends he lost, now it serves us to kiss him goodbye because he truly "has been loved."

You Have Been Loved

Too Funky
This video, the song, the models, everything is so fabulous, catchy and cool, one can't get better than this.One of my favorite videos ever.

Kissing a Fool
It's inevitable for me to sing out loud this song when it comes out because, it is so great. I would love to sing it at a karaoke one day because it's just perfect for that.

Killer/Papa Was a Rollin' Stone
For me, this cover is way better than the original song and it always gives me so much life when i listen to it. I adore it.

Careless Whisper
A powerful ballad that will remain forever.

I Can't Make You Love Me
This one hurts for anyone who has ever felt a broke heart. Because the lyrics, the melody, are so relatable that the heart keeps on breaking.

I listened to this song on repeat and it was all worth it. I never grew tired of it. I got the casette of 'Older' back in the day and bought the cd when i got the chance. A masterpiece.

A Moment With You
His voice was perfect for slow, smooth songs like this. It created a whole vibe you could easily get into and i adored that.

This one would not be on the top 3 songs but i had to add it here because it's so iconic when it comes to his career. I know many would have added 'I Want Your Sex' but, eve though it's good, it's not among my faves.


I was going to add 'Faith' instead of this one but who am i kidding? i know 'Faith' i's a classic but i'm sorry, i like this one so much better. It makes me wanna dance and sorta turns me on so it's a win-win.

Somebody to Love
I could not make a list without adding this Queen song and the performance to witness how powerful and emotive the tribute was. He just totally nailed. He was such an amazing performer, i can't believe it yet. 

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