'Crisis in Six Scenes'

 Woody Allen is coming to TV with a very mysterious secret project that we finally now get to know some details and even see some stills.

The six-episode half hour comedy is set in the 1960s where a few conservative suburban New Yorkers are being challenged by a young hippie, played by none other than Miley Cyrus. The series is going to have a humorous tone and will only have one season, so in case it's good old Woody Allen we won't have a second season. Other cast includes Elaine May, John Magaro and Rachel Brosnahan, and the show premieres on September 30 on Amazon.

While i lost track of Allen's latest films (i think the last one i watched from him was the excellent 'Blue Jasmine') i have to catch up with his latest projects one day, but i'm excited about him directing a tv show. I will definitely will watch 'Crisis in Six Scenes', and i already expect a lot.

sources: EW

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