Lonely ad campaign

The photo above could be a still from the upcoming season of 'Girls HBO' but it isn't. It's actually part of the Lonely ad campaign, a lingerie brand based in New Zealand which photos are unretouched and want to show women as naturally as they are:

"Each of the women who participate in this project... are part of a conversation that disrupts paradigms around the way lingerie is typically presented. Giving a glimpse into their worlds, we hope, amplifies this conversation and make us all feel a little more liberated and comfortable in our own underwear."

Both Lena Dunham and Jemima Kirke are part of this amazing project and it makes all the sense of the world because both, in the show as well as in their personal lives, promote a image of real women without caring about their imperfections or that they're not skinny enough, and that's a great message to send out there. Photographer Petra Collins also participates in one of the ads (after the cut) so take a look at some of the ones i liked best in this very refreshing campaign that only wants us to feel good in our own skin. (Might be NSFW)

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