The Olsen twins hiding from the paparazzi exhibit

The Olsen twins have known stardom since they were babies, had a successful acting career during their childhood and teen years , currently they run a fashion empire, and now they're about to have their own museum. As you read it, comedians Matt Harkins and Viviana Olin plan to make an exhibit with a series of paintings depicting Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen hiding from the paparazzi, as they usually do. These portraits are based on real paparazzi pictures which makes the paintings frivolous and somehow tragic, but interesting to look at.

In order to do that, they're raising money to bring a collection to a store front instead of their appartment, where they usually hold exhibitions but you can see a few of the portraits here. I don't know if i liked them or if i would hang one of these on my house (not that i could afford it) but i had to post them here because anything Olsen twins' related, captures my attention.

sources: papermag

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