Music Monday (David Lynch, Karen O, HXLT, Sigala, The Knocks, Carly Rae Jepsen, Icona Pop & David Bowie)

Music Monday again! As i said, i'm gonna post the music i'm listening at home, it might not be new but i like it all the same and hope i discover something new to you. Enjoy

HXLT - Perfect
Now this is something Kanye West discovered to me and now i can't stop listening to this song. HXLT's sound reminds me a bit to Blood Orange which is definitely something very good, and while i didn't know about this artist, now i'm curious to listen to more. I'm currently listening to 'Perfect' non stop so here it is:

David Lynch feat. Karen O - Pinky's Dream (Trentemoller remix) 
While i'm a David Lynch admirer in everyting he does, i never really paid any attention to his music career. So when i randomly listened to this song when i was getting my hair done, i instantly loved it. It's so powerful and has such a great rythm, and Karen O's vocals for the song are amazing. This is an instant hit and now i have to listen more to Lynch's music.

Sigala - Sweet Lovin'
Now this is a song that i like to play in the morning really loud or listen to it while i'm working out because it gives you so much energy. It might be not everyone's choice of music but i often like songs like this, to dance or to speed up myself in the morning with no need of a coffee.

The Knocks feat. Carly Rae Jepsen - Love Me Like That
Everything Carly i like so this collaboration with The Knocks is a really great thing, because it has her pretty vocals but at the same time it's a little bit electronic and i like when Carly Rae goes that way. It's definitely better than her new version of the 'Fuller House' theme show so give it a listen.

Icona Pop - First Time
Icona Pop always make funny and catchy stuff so this one couldn't be a miss. Among my fave tunes from them besides the inevitable 'I Love It' and 'Girlfriend'.

Børns - Past Lives
This was the song that in last week's episode of 'Girls' was playing when Soshanna realised at the end of the ep that she was staying in Japan. And it was a perfect song to closure such a perfect episode. I've listened a bit more to this band and i really like them so give them a listen if you like this song.

David Bowie - Young Americans
This is one of those times where you completely forget about a song you like kand when you listen to it again, it's like discovering it for te first time again. And that's why this song didn't make it onto my Top 12 David Bowie songs when it should had been. Anyway, re-discover it  if you forgot about it, this great Bowie song.

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