The Hollywood Reporter's 100 Favourite TV Shows

The Emmys were last night and while i was super bummed that Lena Headey didn't win for her  amazing portrayal of Cersei Lannister in 'Game of Thrones', especially this season, the rest was ok to me because basically i don't watch most of those who won.

So, what a better way to celebrate tv shows with The Hollywood Reporter's 100 Favourite Shows voted by their readers. As usual, not everyone agrees 100% with lists but this one is not bad and features some of my fave series on really high positions. Of course i'm missing shows like 'My So-Called Life', 'Girls' or 'Grey's Anatomy'. but i'm commenting the ones i liked best after the cut.

You can check out the rest of the list at the source and let me know if your faves have made it onto the list. After the cut!

100. Desperate Housewives (8 seasons 2004-2012)
This show was a follow-up from the tone of 'American Beauty' (1999) and its first season was really great with the Mary Alice Young drama. Of course, it was good later though its freshness slowly fade, but with the 5 year jump on season 5, it got back to being really good again. Characters like Bree Van de Kamp, Gabrielle Solis or Eddie Britt were always hilarious and they made up for the annoyance that was Susan Defino. Maybe i won't include this show on my top 10 favourite shows but i remember loving it with no shame and they did a nice wrapping up.

86. True Blood (7 seasons 2008-2014)
In vampires time with 'Twilight' being such a huge hit, 'True Blood' started being really, really good but as usual, soon it wasn't as great or enjoyable. Surely i watched it no matter what, because of characters like Pam or Eric (Alexander Skarsgard being so hot in here), but it had a nice ending. The final season the show back to being good and it almost made you feel sad because it was ending, but sure it had to end. Not among my favourites but i also enjoyed every drop of blood.

76. Full House (8 season 1987-1995)
This was the first show i ever got hooked on. So it all started here. I remember loving it, there was no way i wouldn't watch it and whenever i listened to the theme song 'Everywhere you look' i was super happy and excited about it. But last year i watched an ep as it was back on on some channel and i got so disappointed... it was so obvious that there was always a lesson to be learned and the dialogues were so predictable that i chose to leave the good memory i had in the past and not to watch it ever again. It's coming back on 2016 with 13 new episodes but i'm not sure if i will like it. If it doesn't involve the Olsens then i'm not interested, though i think they're less interested about it. But if they won't come back as Michelle Tanner let's let Elizabeth Olsen do it, wouldn't that be great?

61. Roseanne (9 seasons 1988-1997)
Gosh i loved this show. It was so hilarious and depressing at the same time that you just laughed all the way. Roseanne Barr was superb here and John Goodman was equally good, they made a memorable couple and despite not remembering much of it (i watched it back then and i was really little), it's a show i would love to watch again. It had it's Spanish remake with the 'Pepa and Pepe' tv show (best Spanish show ever, y lo sabes) was equally great. A return of this show wouldn't suck at all though i don't think the leading couple would be so excited about working together again.

56. The Wonder Years (6 seasons 1988-1993)
Another nostalgia show that i watched when i was little. Contrary to 'Full House', the greatness remains intact and you can still watch it today and identify with some of Kevin's feelings as you did back then. His first kiss with Winnie Cooper is still as thrilling as it was the first time you watched  it and i re-watched some eps not too long ago and is still one of the greatest tv shows for me.

26. Orange is the New Black (2013- )
I'm surprised Oitnb is so high on this list. I only hear how this show is not as good as the first season was so i wasn't expecting it here (especially when there are other shows that are so much better). It's not that i don't like it, i really do despite not being as great as when it first started but we'll see how it goes on season 4.

20. Twin Peaks (2 seasons 1990-1991)
Now this is a show that would be on my top 10, not to say that maybe it's my #1. What is there left to say about 'Twin Peaks'? This show changed the whole tv series game forever and it's David Lynch at his best, a fucking classic. It's going to come back for another season next year (hopefully) so i expect great things from it. Let's hope Lynch is able to do whatever he wants to do with it and brings us another great season (despite s2 not being so good).

15. Lost (6 seasons 2004-2010)
I have mixed feelings about this show. I started watching it way after it began because i was tired of everyone talking about it and i understood why everyone was so thrilled about it but the finale was so horrid that it ruined everything else for me. That finale didn't solve anything and don't get me wrong, as much as i like David Lynch movies where he doesn't explain anything and leaves it up to the viewer's imagination, here the producers assured you for years that they would solve everything. So much trolling. So that's why i don't have a good memory about it but sure it had some of the best seasons finales.

12. Sex and the City (6 seasons 1998-2004)
Another personal favourite as i would watch reruns from this show forever. It is just so good. Sure people who haven't seen it think that it's about four superficial women that love sex and expensive clothes but it's so much more than that. It is a heartfelt show and it was even good to the very last episode (the films never happened in my mind). Everyone had their favourite girl (mine was Miranda, the best one) and there were tons of stories you could relate to, not only about men and relationships, but also about friendship which is the key element of the show. It's definitely on my top 10 favourite shows ever because of very good reasons.

4. Game of Thrones (2011- )
Another great show that i'm so hooked on it right now. Many say that season 5 has been really weak compared to the other ones but i highly disagree. I still remember how shocked i was with Ned Stark's death, i didn't see that one coming at all, and this is the greatness of this show, that anything could happen. Now with both book readers and show viewers at the same level, it's more relaxed to watch it because this show has such big spoilers that no place on the internet is a safe place when it's on. I can't wait for next season and those who criticise it can stop watching, thanks.

3. The X-Files (10 seasons 1993-2002)
I adored this show during highschool, to the point that me and my friends were obsessed with Mulder's and Scully's relationship. There was just too much sexual tension for our teenage selves. It also had amazing episodes and i still remember some of the titles to this day. It's another one i would watch again even though some things look a little outdated now. It's also returning next year so i'm excited about it, though the Mulder and Scully thing fade long ago.

2. Breaking Bad (5 seasons 2008-2013)
Another show that i watched after people praised so much and they were all right. Despite not being among my favourites, this show is nearly perfect when it comes to plot and structure and that's a big win. I started watching it when it was already over and even though i knew how it ended, because of all the tumblr gifs that were on tumblr, i enjoyed it just the same. It's simply so good, the way tv shows should be made today, with a closed story. Deserved #2 position even though i wouldn't mind if it was #1 at all.

1. Friends (10 seasons 1994-2004)
Everyone's favourite. I don't disagree with the number one position though we all have to admit the last few seasons weren't as good. But it's another show that i watch reruns every now and then and remains as funny as it was back then. I love these bunch of weirdos  (i'm a mixture of Rachel, Chandler and Joey) and while maybe i don't hold it dear to my heart as other shows, i always loved it and makes me laugh even when i already know the jokes.

So, which ones woulfd have you included? Have your say!

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