'Avengers: Age of Ultron' (2015)

I really loved 'The Avengers', it's a perfect blockbuster superhero film that is both entertaining and funny so i expected more of that with 'Avengers: Age of Ultron', but well, it's not as great.

'Age of Ultron' is not bad but it's far from the amazeness that was the first movie. The problem is that there's too much action. Yeah, i know this is a superhero movie but so was the first one and it had the perfect amount of battles, but with 'Age of Ultron' there's an overload of those. There's fighting in the beginning (good), fighting in the middle (ok), more fighting in the middle (yawn) and (of course) a lot of fighting towards the end. Both the beginning and the ending are fantastic, the final part of the movie is what really makes up for the rest, but there's an unnecessary amount of fighting scenes and that makes the film boring.

Another sucky thing is the romance plot. There was no need for that or at least, it could have been carried away in a better way than that. So, apparently, all those Clintasha shippers (Clint and Natasha) were wrong and what the Black Widow really wanted was the Hulk (no matter that arrow necklace she wore on 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier'). That's not the problem, the problem was the openness of it. Something more subtle alas Mulder and Scully would have been a lot better and less cheesy (the lullaby thing, really?). But well, on the bright side we got to see Black Widow's past and her upbringing to become a Russian spy and those flashbacks were amazing "You still think you're the only monster on the team?" (*heart breaks*). It's so necessary that a Black Widow movie is released but seeing how Marvel doesn't even include her in the merchandise of the movie, we can no longer hope for that.

Another amazing thing of the film were the twins, they were fucking awesome. I expected to see more of them but well, what we got was brilliant. Too bad Quicksilver died so we won't get to see more of him but he was great in all the movie. Scarlett Witch was the absolute scene stealer of the movie (in 'Avengers' it was the Hulk), and i'm so glad that she's now a newbie Avenger.

The revelation of Hawkeye's real life was also nice, something i don't think noone saw coming and it made you root for him. I don't think he was the best part of the movie as many claim but he wasn't the weakest as he uses to be (in my opinion, ofc).

Overall, not everything was bad in 'Age of Ultron' but not equally as great as in 'The Avengers'. Of course all sequels are not up to its predecessors ('The Godfather II', 'Aliens' or 'Before Sunset' are exceptions) but it's also entertaining to see though it has less humor and more action (which is the key of the problem of the movie). But i recommend it to watch with less expectations and a lot of popcorn, the final part is fantastic and saves the whole movie so keep that in mind and have patience while watching it.

Bonus, a trailer made by SNL of a Black Widow movie, see Marvel? it's not that difficult:

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