It's series finale time! (part I)

Most of the shows i'm watching have had seasons finales in the last few weeks, as well as others have ended for good, so i'm going to do a proper catch up. As I haven't seen all of them and others are still airing i'm posting first the ones i've already seen and will do another post when i finish the others, so let's go ahead, there will be spoilers but you know this beforehand.

Broad City  (season 2) - One of the biggest
failures of my life is not having achieved that any friend gets to watch this amazeness of a show. Abbi and Ilana are so hilarious and unique, that maybe it's not a show for everyone but damn they're funny. This second season hasn't disappointed and i'm super happy that it's gonna have a third one. Seriously, give it a watch because once you get Abbbi's and Ilana's sense of humour you will find bliss.

Pretty Little Liars (season 5) - it amazes me how this show, as dumb as it might seem, always keeps you wondering and attached to see what's happening. Five seasons and not even once i've though of quitting this show. And that's something big. Anyway, the PLL finale doesn't make sense unless you go around looking for answers (aka spoilers) but 'Pretty Little Liars' is the only show i allow myself to get spoiled, because if not, you don't get anything. And what a finale it had! I won't spoil anything to you but it really explains everything that's been going on and that's great. Can't wait for the next season!

The Comeback (season 2) - I had no idea about this show until it came back this last year, never heard of it and as everyone loved it and i like Lisa Kudrov i gave it a go. I got to admit that i didn't find it as funny as i expected, mostly because i've always felt really sorry about Valerie Cherish. Her obliviousness about Hollywood and her career is something that i've always felt sad about and even in the most ridiculous situations i couldn't laugh about it. Still, the show during its second season got better than the first one (i nearly have quitted the show during that first season because everything was so slow) and it had a really memorable finale that really made you have faith in Valerie Cherish. I thought this was a very interesting show, with highs and lows but good nonetheless. Still, i don't know if there's going to be a third season in a few years with Valerie finally getting her place in a decent show without having to compromise her life, marriage or dignity. That would be nice to watch so we'll see.

Hart of Dixie (series finale!) - I have mixed feelings about this show ending. In one hand i think the series had run its course but damn, this show had such a nice feeling. I always liked watching it because there's not a whole lot of drama and it's funny (though not too funny) so it was nice to watch. I've always liked Rachel Bilson since 'The OC' and despite not being an actress with a lot of ranges she's someone i always like to see and one has to admit she has great comedy skills (she was fantastic in 'The To-Do List'). So this show started really good, through the second season lost a little bit of its freshness, but as it happened with PLL, i never not wanted to keep watching. Despite having some average seasons, this last one has been quite excellent, of course they wrapped all the storylines and coupled everyone up but i'm glad that Zoe ended up with Wade (George was soooo boring) and especially, Lemon with Lavon (finally!). I also loved the finale, yeah, a happy ending for everyone but nothing sad ever happens in Bluebell and the musical number at the end was something cute. I also liked Autum Reeser's cameo making a mini 'The OC' reunion and i even teared up a little bit with the end. It's not easy to make a good-feeling show and this is what precisely 'Hart of Dixie' was. It will be missed.

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