'Looking's season 2 best moments and scenes

Terrible, terrible news from HBO, 'Looking' has been cancelled and all its viewers are really devastated. Andrew Haigh's series has been so acclaimed and so good that this seems unfair, rushed and disappointing. HBO has announced that they're gonna shoot a movie special to wrap up all stories but fuck you very much HBO, a show this great doesn't deserve an ending like this.

Anyway, as there's no other way, and as i had already planned to do, here there are 'Looking's season 2's best moments and scenes which is something bittersweet to make now. I'm so frustrated with this cancellation, fuck you HBO.

Spoiler-fest after the cut!
Beginning with the beginning, an episode that i really enjoyed and that was a great return for season 2 was 'Looking for the Promised Land' (2x01) where our three dear friends alongside Doris go to a cabin to relax and instead end up at a party in the woods, and it was fantastic. Not only because Agustin met Eddie without minding his House In Virginia situation, but also because they all went loose. A crucial moment during the fest was when Patrick sees a Richie lookalike and makes out with him. But when after that, he makes a call to meet someone in the woods, we all expected Richie to come but it was fucking Kevin. I liked though, when the following morning he came clean with Dom and Agustin and told them about his affair with his boss. And i had to mention the super great song from Sister Sledge 'Lost in Music' that appears in the ep and i absolutely adore:

A great scene and a great episode this second season had was 'Looking for a Plot' (2x07) that starts with the news of Doris' dad passing away. Patrick and Dom accompany her on a trip to his funeral and they stay at a local motel (one that Doris had always wanted to stay in) and they have fun in the swimming pool and cherish life and make the best situation out of a sad trip while eating KFC. Also, when they all go to the graveyard so Dom can finally confess to his dad that he's gay but he's unable to find his grave, Patrick's idea to just shout it out to the whole cemetery was a fantastic idea. They crashed their car soon after but the moment was pure happiness for him.

About Agustin and Eddie, i like how Agustin has grown on me in this second season, and that's because of Eddie's fault (Daniel Franzese who i loved in 'Mean Girls'). The moment in 'Looking for Truth' (2x05) when they're dancing to CeCe Peniston's 'Finally' and finally kiss was superb. Also, i really loved when in the finale 'Looking for Home' (2x10) Eddie asks him to be his boyfriend. And this ep also brought us this great cover of 'Finally' that i really loved:

Regarding Patrick's and Richie's relationship it was really great when they reconnected in 'Looking Down the Road' (2x04) and want to remain friends, being open to each other, especially Patrick confessing his affair with his boss and talking about their dads and how they don't accept their homosexuality. The peak of this ep was when Richie tells Patrick: "I would be very sad if you weren't in my life anymore" melting our hearts forever.

I also really liked the 'Looking for Gordon Freeman' (2x06) where Patrick and Agustin throw a Halloween party and they dress up in the most hilarious costumes. But when Patrick sees that Richie comes with his ginger boyfriend and Kevin has the nerve to do so as well, it's no strange that Patrick seeing how lonely he is, gets drunk and starts trashing everyone. I can't understand how anyone could be team Kevin when he's a prick like this.

I liked in 'Looking for Sanctuary' (2x09) how we get to see how's Patrick's family and the struggles they have. I liked how after his mom's revelation of wanting to leave his dad, Patrick no longer feels pressured to prove something to his family. I also liked to see Kelli Garner playing his sister and how bitchy she was to him. Now i'm really mad that we won't get to see more of this because this was something that could be more developed and we won't have it.

Another great relationship this show had is Dom and Doris. You can see how much they love each other and how they are practically family in 'Looking for a Plot' (2x07) but also how their co-dependant relationship is not good for them and they face it with maturity and a lot of pain during the finale in 'Looking for a Home' (2x10). Doris is a character that also has grown on me during this season and it sucks that we don't get to see more of them.

About the finale 'Looking for a Home' (2x10), i really liked how Kevin was finally caught in his game and Patrick realises that he was just gonna be another stay in boyfriend while Kevin was messing around. What a selfish prick. Once a cheater always a cheater they say. It really frustrated me how Kevin wanted to force this situation on Patrick without telling him first and i'm glad that presumably, Patrick runs away from all this and visits Richie on his salon. The best way to face a break up is by having a new look, so that's why i assume Patrick is done with Kevin. Let's hope so and in the movie special they bring Patrick and Richie together. They owe us.

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