'GIRLS' season 4 best moments and scenes

(Spoilers all the way)
I have mixed feelings about this season. On one hand, Hannah's storyline has been really good, really complete, Marnie's more or less has had a plot but hello¿ what about Jessa and Shoshanna? That's the only thing that i really didn't like about this fourth season, even though in the finale we got to see more of Shoshanna, but not enough. I think this season is a little bit bittersweet because it hasn't been as great as all the other ones but i believe this might be because this is a transitional season, and there are better things coming.

Anyway, as i've been done with s2 and s3 (and as i have to do someday with s1), there's no other way than to review the best moments and scenes this last season had. Let's begin!

First things first, the 'Beach House' (s3) of this season, the 'Bushwick aka the Incident' of season 1 or s2's 'Bad Friend', is definitely 'Sit-In' (4x05) because, what an episode. So Hannah finally quits Iowa and her dream because she doesn't feel that's her place and doubts if she's talented enough to continue with her writing, and little did she expect what she had waiting at home. Fucking Mimi Rose. It was so heartbreaking to see how quick she was removed from Adam's life, all her belongings put into storage, and her reuniting with her stuff and falling sleep there because, she had nowhere else to go. Lucy Rose's 'Shiver' sounding was a perfect ending for this superb ep.

I had to mention as well the peak of that episode, 'Sit-In' (4x05), when Hannah and Adam finally talk and say their goodbyes, it was such a mature conversation, especially coming from Hannah, who everyone expected her to go bananas and she really had a relatable, heartfelt reaction. It was truly heartbreaking, to be so open and honest even though it hurt. "But maybe don't call me kid anymore." *heart breaks*

Another remarkable moment of this season was in 'Female Author' (4x03) when Jessa and Adam get to hang out during AA meetings and outside as well, till' Jessa gets arrested for peeing on the street, and getting Adam arrested as well. But when she fails to be sorry about it Adam tells her that she's a "toxic influence". And she is, but in this season we all could witness how lonely Jessa really is, and that's why she begs him to be his friend. "I really need you to be my friend." I really like their friendship and let's hope we'll see more Adam and Jessa in future seasons, or at least Jessa having a storyline.

In the 'Triggering' (4x02) ep we get to have fun with Hannah and Elijah in Iowa, "I hate everyone who isn't you," he tells her. Elijah is a breeze of fresh air for Hannah as she doesn't seem to fit in there. Also, she shows her concern to fail and disappoint everyone when she calls her parents and not so randomly mentions suicide.

The 'Female Author' (4x03) episode had also a great scene, that's when Elijah tells Hannah that when he quit his Broadway dream he felt a great relief, and that makes Hannah start to reconsider her drive as a writer and if she's really made for it, "Nobody likes what they do", so why should Hannah? This talk is similar to the one she has with her dad in 'Cubbies' (4x04) where he tells her that she has to do what it makes her feel good and any decision she takes is the right one for her.

The revelation that Hannah has to Mimi-Rose in 'Ask me my name' (4x07) is where she admits that her frustration and lack of confidence was what made her leave Iowa in the first place and give up writing, and we get to see how she's not all that happy about it. She's embracing conformism because it's the only thing she is good at right now, and that is a little sad. It's growing up's worst nightmare, having to work in something you don't feel passionate about, and that's what is happening to her. It was also tough to Hannah to see how Adam had replaced her for a better version of her (a successful artist who's also writing a book), and how Mimi Rose is artistically everything Hannah aspires to be.

A really heartfelt moment season four had was when in the 'Sit-In' (4x05) episode Marnie visits Hannah after her split from Adam and reassures her that she's gonna be there for her. Suddenly, Marnie being a good friend, and that was refreshing to see. And that scene makes us go back to season 1 and the awesomeness that was the ending of episode 3 'All Adventurous Women Do' and hinting to that very great 'Sex and the City' quote: "Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates and guys are just people to have fun with."

In the last ep of the season 'Home Birth' (4x10) there's a very great moment when Ray tells Desi that he fucking hates him. I didn't think there could be a more annoying character than Marnie but there's Desi. Ray telling him that he had treated Marnie as shit and that he would probably continue to do so was so on point i had to clap my hands for Ray. It's not that i want him with Marnie, but i love how true to himself that he is. He's probably my fave from the show so i'm rooting for him always.

About the finale 'Home Birth' (4x10) i actually liked it, Caroline's birth plan was very funny (with Jessa taking charge) and Laird and her naming their baby girl Jessa-Hannah Bluebell Poem was something really sweet. I also liked when Shoshanna talks to Hermie (Ray's boss) and he convinces her not to miss a job opportunity like Japan for a man. Some wise words there for little Shosh. The peak moment though is when Adam tells Hannah that he and Mimi Rose are over and that he misses her (as we all knew he would do). I was so relieved to see how she didn't take him back, not because she didn't want to but because he didn't deserve it after treating her as a disposable thing.

I think season 5 is gonna be even better than this last season and better things are coming, imagine Shoshanna coming back from Japan, Marnie being dumped again and Jessa actually having a plot, so exciting! Despite not having as many heartfelt moments as the previous seasons had, let's hope the next one gets back to what it used to be, and well, a little more Spike Jonze won't hurt.

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