'Broad City'

How can i explain 'Broad City'? I wouldn't have known from this show if it wasn't for tumblr, absolutely everyone and everybody was reblogging stuff like mad and it looked pretty funny. And it definitely is.

There are only 10 episodes (such a shame) but are so hilarious that it will take you a few eps - it took me 2, to really get their humour, but it's really worth it. Ilana and Abby are such weirdos and such losers that they're definitely my people and i can't wait to watch more from them (second season in January, i heard). Trust me you won't regret watching them and as i can't describe how this show is like, click below for some hilarious stills from this flawless first season, let's hope its creators -the protagonists themselves, can live up to the hype.

Bonus clip from the show, this was so good i couldn't even:

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