'Aspirational' and a surprise music video by Spike Jonze

There are two videos that caught my attention last week and i want to show them to you, it didn't hurt that they contain two of my favourite girls and also a really great director:

First, there's the 'Aspirational' short film, directed by Matthew Frost and starring Kirsten Dunst which is simply genius. It might me a simple idea but this is definitely happening nowadays with the use of cellphones and the importance we give to a simple 'Like' (or the quantity of them). Where the picture was taken, why or with whom doesn't matter anymore, people are hungry for likes and we've lost all the meaning of taking a photograph.

And also, i'm posting the surprise video Spike Jonze has filmed for Karen O with the ultra charming Elle Fanning and it's also a really simple vid but Elle is so lovely and cute that she makes everything better,. Please never grow up Elle Fanning:

sources: konibi

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  1. Thank you for sharing these two videos - both absolutely lovely :)