'Short Term 12'

I watched 'Short Term 12' ('Las vidas de Grace') some time ago, and i wish i have talked about it here but i simply couldn't, i don't think i could express all the feelings that this movie contains. Because it has them all.

Centered in a group home for troubled teenagers and starring Brie Larson as a young supervisor, this may be, alongside 'Her', the best movie i watched last year. And it's so incredibly underrated.

In this scene, we see Marcus, a boy who's about to turn 18 and be left all by himself on the streets, expressing all of that on this rap song he has composed, which also includes all the pain that has brought him there. And it's painful as hell, and you can feel that. The great achievement of the movie is precisely that, that it has no band aid and things are what they are, as tough as they may be, but real.

I can't recommend this movie more, you will fall in love with Brie Larson if you haven't already and with the rest of the cast because everyone is fantastic on it. Enjoy the rap scene below and watch this movie because it's worth it, but keep in mind that it will touch you to the core without noticing.

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