Elle Fanning by Craig McDean for Interview Magazine

Since i was without a computer for a few months i haven't been able to post much, and i have a few things left behind that i wanted to post even though on internet standards, are old now. Like this photoshoot of Craig McDean with Elle Fanning for Interview Magazine May 2014.

Elle Fanning is gorgeous, there's no question about that, but apart from delivering solid performances and having a very good eye choosing her roles, she seems to be super lovely and charming, and a girl her age (she's only 16); and while other starlets her age look like 25 and act like they're that old (Chloe Moretz or Kylie Jenner to name a few), Elle, despite being as tall as a model, looks and acts like a regular teenager and i love that. And she looks great and age appropriate in this shoot, a little bit sexy but not too much, cool and innocent with that angel face she has, i loved these pics and i'm posting them just because.

Let's hope Elle Fanning never changes. Like ever.

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