86th Annual Academy Awards 2014

In case you didn't know, the Academy Awards were last night and while i was tempted to watch them since i've seen many of the nominated movies this year, i went to sleep and did my catching up in the morning. Usually, i'm making a post about the red carpet and its best looks only, but is it me or this year the red carpet fashion has been really boring? So i feel like discussing the whole thing, who won, who lost, who was best dressed and who should have been nominated, let's begin!

This had to be one of the most predictable Academy Awards. '12 Years a Slave' won the Best Movie Award, Cuarón won Best Director for 'Gravity', McConaughey Best Actor for 'Dallas Buyers Club', just like Jared Leto as Best Supporting Actor and 'Her' got the super deserved award for Best Original Screenplay. Those were all a given. I was happy for 'Her' and for both DBC actors, i watched the movie yesterday and both did great. Still, it is painful for Leonardo DiCaprio, sure his role on 'The Wolf of Wall Street' wasn't his best one but give an Oscar to this man already, we all know he deserves it.

Anyway, i was afraid that Cate Blanchett wouldn't win the Oscar for Best Actress in 'Blue Jasmine' because of the Woody Allen controversy. She really owned the movie and did an excellent, flawless performance, so nothing should have come in the way of that. So i'm really happy for that as well, just like for Lupita Nyong'o win for '12 Years a Slave' instead of Jennifer Lawrence. Don't get me wrong, JenLaw did a really great and hilarious performance in 'American Hustle' (the only good thing about the movie tbh), but there's no way she would win another Oscar. She deserved it for 'Winter's Bone' but not for 'Silver Linings Playbook', and sure Lupita was way better than her in the Steve McQueen movie.

And none for 'American Hustle', lol.

Still, i'm mad that 'La Vie d'Adèle' ('Blue is the Warmest Colour') wasn't nominated for Best Foreign Movie – though i'm happy that 'La Grande Bellezza' ('The Great Beauty') won instead of 'The Hunt', but still, i liked the French movie better than the others nominated. And 'Short Term 12' should had at least been nominated for Screenplay or even recognised some of the magnificent performances of the movie. Forever underrated. And also, we all know that Joaquin Phoenix should had been nominated for his emotional performance in 'Her', as well as Spike Jonze as a director or even Amy Adams (who was better in this movie than in 'American Hustle'). And let's be honest, Scarlett Johansson's voice in the film deserved a nomination, she was better with her voice than some other performances that were nominated in the Best Supporting Actress category.

And finally, the ladies! If there's someone who owned the red carpet this year, that was Lupita in a flawless Prada dress. She really stole the show and looked absolutely beautiful and mesmerizing:

My second favourite was Kate Hudson in this stunning Atelier Versace gown that looked amazing on her. This was nearly my favourite dress of the night and she looked flawless:

Karen O was also fantastic in this elegant Camilla Staerk looking really classy and pretty:

 Emma Watson looked really classy in this Vera Wang dress, always looking on point but her look at the Golden Globes remains one of my favourites:

Cate Blanchett also looked like a winner wearing Armani Privé, she looked nice but didn't wow though the dress was really pretty:

And Naomi Watts (a personal favourite) looked fresh and beautiful in Calvin Klein, i would have posted a red carpet photo but it looks way better in this really great Vanity Fair portrait so i'm posting this one and a few others that i loved:

sources: TFS, vogue, twitter & vanityfair


  1. I agree with you about Short Term 12, should have got a mention! Apparently Karen O's dress was Camilla Staerk. I trawled through to find out as it was one of my favourites too.

  2. Què boniques les fotos últimes que has posat (adorei Bill, Samuel, la parella Kruger Jackson, Naomi i Lupita) i la que has escollit primera dels guanyadors m'agrada molt també. La de l'any passat sobrava totalment la Lawrence :S haha

    Lupita estava adorable, encara que crec que el plunge aquest no li favoria a la seua figura, tant com altres vestits que ha portat, però com és molt bonica el color li quedava molt bé. La Hudson estava stunning, a Karen O no la vaig veure entrar i m'agrada molt, i el de Blanchett crec que en altra no m'agradaria ni la mitat, però ella té tanta classe que estava genial. L'Emma Watson estava guapíssima, i em va encantar veure-la a l'escenari amb Joseph Gordon-Levitt, però el vestit no m'agrada massa, encara que estava bé. La Naomi va ser la meua pesonal favorite perquè estava guapíssima i molt senzilla, em va agradar molt. Dels altres que vaig veure, Olga Kurylenko crec que estava molt guapa també encara que el vestit podria haver sigut d'altre color millor. I només Angelina, que no em va agradar el que va escollir, portava un Elie Saab :( no es van posar cap dels que vam comentar a la teua entrada que eren tant bonics... no ho entenc, la veritat :S

    I no podria estar més d'acord amb tot el que has dit. Excepte un poc amb La grande bellezza, com ja t'ho vaig comentar. Entenc perquè s'ho han donat i em sembla una bona peli, sense dubte, i pot ser siga un treball millor que The Hunt, però és que el Mads Mikkelsen l'adoro molt i Vinterberg només per crear el Dogma amb von Trier també, i crec que Sorrentino hauría d'haver controlat un poc més el fer tant homenatge a Fellini.

    un petó dear!