No more 'Got Milk?'

 No more 'Got Milk?' as a slogan for the Milk Processor Education Program. After 20 years with the iconic slogan, its switching to 'Milk Life' instead and it leaves us with a series of iconic shoots of celebrities with the milk mustache ever since 1993. And its more a part of the 90s-00s culture than a publicity campaign, these ads were huge back then and some of them are really great.

So i'm posting some of my faves, including random celebs like Marilyn Manson, Isabella Rossellini, the Backstreet Boys and even Lauren Bacall and Batman, so check them out after the cut, these are not in a very good quality but that was all i could find. Check out the complete collection of ads at the sources:

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  1. Molt iconica aquesta campanya com t'ho dius va marcar els 90s. Recordo que la de Buffy va ser la primera que vaig veure i ja quasi totes les altres! La de Rossellini no l'havia vista mai, i crec que és la meua favorita amb la de Moss. Les Olsen i Aniston i Kudrow també estàn adorables, com Britney. I la de Melanie Griffith amb els kids també és molt graciosa.