'The Carrie Diaries' second season (or show) finale.

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One has to watch 'The Carrie Diaries' without thinking too much about 'Sex and the City' or Sarah Jessica Parker, that's the only way to enjoy it. Because, let's be honest, this supposed "prequel" is far from the flawlessly that was the original show. That was a given, i mean, it was really hard to attempt to achieve that. It doesn't have the same humour, there's barely any talk about sex – or if there is, it's not discussed in depth or there's no funny element about it– and all the drama is really naive, really highschool material, when given their age and time, it could have been way better. And the fashion, it doesn't even look like the 80s, for God's sake.

Still, the show and its connection to the Carrie Bradshaw of SATC it's gonna start now, if there's a third season, which i doubt. At first i was excited about seeing a young Carrie, having her first time, her first Cosmopolitan, buying her first pair of Manolos (that hasn't happened yet), but if anything, that's gonna happen in the next season, because that would be Carrie living in the city and finally cutting family ties (let's hope). Because, i don't recall Mrs. Bradshaw talking about her sister on the show but once, and that's it. Also, it would mean (i'm guessing) the introduction of several characters like Stanford or even Miranda and Charlotte, which i would love to see (even though the Samantha portrayed wasn't really my cup of tea, she was too trashy and i still think that AnnaLynne McCord would have played a much better Samantha Jones). And we would see a grown up Carrie, not in highschool anymore and becoming self-absorbed like she is, which started to happen in the final episodes of the second season.

So time will say for this show, i haven't read the books but i hope what comes is more promising that this past two seasons, or at least, more oriented to the first show because that's what we're all expecting without having too many expectations about it.

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  1. Creo que el único éxito de esta serie y de los libros es obviamente la conexión que las seguidoras de Sexo en Nueva York mantenemos con el personaje de Carrie.

    Cuando me enteré que se iba a emitir, la verdad es que me alegré. De la Carrie madura sabemos muchas cosas pero de sus orígenes no tanto. Me encanta la perspectiva de que sea una chica ambiciosa que quiere encontrarse así misma en la ciudad, que busca su sitio. Una escritora buscando inspiración y vivencias de las que hablar... También creo que está bien que la hayan retratado egoísta y algo inocente (como es en la serie) pero le falta algo. El "glamour" que quieren emular no es suficiente, no hay tramas duros, no se profundiza en nada de lo que pasa... lo del SIDA lo tratan en un capítulo y luego pasan de largo. No se.

    Me extraña que hubiera una tercera aunque espero que sí la emitan. A ver si así podemos descubrir a la auténtica Carrie Bradshaw.