Things that mattered in 2013

I never really pay as much attention to runway shows as i should do, but this year two collections really caught my attention, kinda similar when it comes to adding jewels to the clothes and having tons of special details which i adored.

First there's Balmain's F/W 13 collection that was exquisite, maybe you can't appreciate it by these pics but you can take a better look at the full collection here.

Now Dolce & Gabbana's Fall 2013 Ready to Wear collection has been my favourite, all those jewel dresses, the use of red and gold, the religious motives, are simply flawless. Also, the cover that Karl Lagerfeld shot with Scarlett Johansson for Harper's Bazaar is, hands down, the best magazine cover of the year, the image is so powerful and the dress so flawless that i can't even.
Get a look of the full collection here.

Spring Breakers - This was the most provoking, most outrageous film of the year. Everyone had an opinion about it, not always good, but those who got the real motive of the film, absolutely adored it. I have already talked deeply about it (and for another blog too, Tokio Blues mag – in Spanish), so no more words needed. Movie of the year.

Only God Forgives - Another super underrated movie. This one probably didn't make it onto any body's best movie list but i absolutely loved it. It left me so speechless that i couldn't even talk about it here because i don't know how to explain this movie. Mostly hated by everyone, it's one of those to either despise or fucking love. A modern masterpiece.

Blue is the Warmest Colour - Just saw it and obviously it's gotta make the list of the best movies of the year. It's pure emotion, full of feelings, full of heartbreak. One just cannot watch this movie and feel indifference. You gotta be dead for that.

Blue Jasmine - This is good old Woody Allen and it's been quite a while since we got one of these. I've also made a review of it here so no explanation needed. Nothing better than a comedy that slowly goes darker and darker without even noticing.

TV Shows
I'm highlighting the two shows that i liked best this year, i'm not including 'Game of Thrones' or 'Girls' because, even though their seasonswere good, they weren't as great as their previous ones. So here are my two fave shows from the year that i highly recommend:

Orange is the New Black - Best new show of the year. There's no competition. This show was so, so good that i watched it in a matter of two weeks. And then felt the void after watching a really good show, the feeling of wanting more. Next year with its second season cannot come soon enough.

Breaking Bad - I watched this show this year, the full five seasons, and i have to take my hat down for it. It's a really good show, one of the best ones when it comes to quality in the last few years and i finally got why everyone was so excited about. Heisenberg though, can rot in hell.

As far from the rest, 'American Horror Story' is being really, really good, 'Awkward' is still enjoyable but not as it used to be, 'Grey's Anatomy' needs to end soon because it's dull now and the interns are annoying, 'Hart of Dixie' needs to be cancelled already, 'Pretty Little Liars' remains a super guilty pleasure, 'New Girl' needs to be good again, '2 Broke Girls' is fun but it's always the same, 'The Carrie Diaries' is nice but i wouldn't care if it got cancelled, and 'Cougar Town' is still great. And 'Skins' came to and end this year and it was bittersweet but nice.

I'm adding first the albums that i listened nonstop this year and then my top 10 songs. First the albums, keep in mind that i rarely listen to a complete album, so there's only three:
Yeezus - This is the album of the year. It's so ahead of its time that i bet those who hated it now, will love it in a matter of time. Song of the album has to be 'I Am a God'.

Trouble Will Find Me - The National didn't disappoint. i'm so resentful that i didn't get to see them live last month but some day i will. Song of the album is the flawless 'Sea of Love'.

Night Time my Time - i was surprised by this album, didn't expect to like it as much at first. But it's a perfect pop album, highlighting 'Metal Heart'.

Other albums that have been nice but haven't listened to them as much are, obviously, 'Random Access Memories' by Daft Punk, 'Reflektor' by Arcade Fire, though are many songs that i didn't like, and lately i've been listening a lot to 'Beyoncé' though it didn't do anything to me at first, can you believe?

And here are my top 10 songs from 2013:

1. Arcade Fire - Afterlife
i've been having this song on repeat ever since it was released, it's so flawless, it gives you so much energy, let alone the Spike Jonze performance video was amazing.

2. The National - Sea of Love
Another full of energy song, for those who say that The National only do ballads and sound boring.

3. Daft Punk - Get Lucky
This was everyone's jam and absolutely everybody got sick of it but it makes me smile every time i listen to it. It's so smooth yet cool and funky that i love dancing to it.

4. David Bowie - Where Are We Now
This song is so beautiful, has so much emotion into it, and David Bowie's voice, it really transports you somewhere else. Absolutely precious.

5. Phoenix - Bourgeois
This song is so flawless that makes it up for a really disappointing album. I expected so much from them but well, they still make amazing songs like this one.

6. Kanye West - I Am a God
"I am a God, so hurry up with my damn massage, in a French-ass restaurant, hurry up with my damn croissants" that should be enough to explain it.

7. Haim - Don't Save Me
This new band sounds so fresh and so catchy that they had to make it onto the list with this song. I dare you not to love it.

8. Miley Cyrus - We Can't Stop
Ok, explanation. If this song was released by Rihanna or Beyoncé, you would be all loving it but it had to be Miley Cyrus. This song is a mega hit, catchy as hell and loved it. No shame about it. The music video sucks though.

9. Sky Ferreira - Metal Heart
The sound is super powerful and it's really catchy. Love this album and this one stands out.

10- Beyoncé - Pretty Hurts

The one i liked best from the new album, love the lyrics, the sound, everything is perfect.


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  1. Being honest sempre em cansaven les llistes de top of the year, perquè al final totes les revistes les fan paregudes i és molt boring ja, però tot va ser, i ho dic de tot cor, de veritat, fins els teus tops :D Sempre els miro amb ganes perquè m'encanta la combinació que fas de música, cinema i fashion. Això que de música jo hi ha algunes d'aquestes cantantes que no escolto mai, però sempre ho escolte tot el que poses perquè m'agrada coneixer-ho.

    A Daughter, per no caure en fer el top típic que ja t'ha dit que no m'agrada massa perquè era com que tot el món feia el mateix (except you haha) van decidir de fer lo de cançons que no han de ser noves, sinò cançons importants per a nosaltres aquest any. Dins de poc el pujarem, però ja et dic que The National i eixe preciós nou àlbum estaràn presents. Jo també estic com tu que volia anar a veure-les :( Justament l'Esther i l'Adriano, sí van poder anar perquè ara viuen a Madrid, però per a mi va ser impossible perquè estava d'exams eixa setmana, a part dels diners, la veritat.

    De Fashion, Balmain m'agrada moltíssim des de fa anys. També ha vist de Elie Saab i Valentino coses boniques, però ja no recordo si era d'aquest any, crec que sí. I Burberry també (tot així british és debilitat per a mi). I la portada de la Scarlett no podria estar més d'acord! OMG no la coneixia i està gorgeous, és preciosa, sembla un quadre renacentista amb els cabells així.

    De les pelis, et comento que la d'Only God Forgives la gent dels blogs de cinema així independent que jo segueixo sí que han dit que és molt bona :) però la resta l'ha odiat sí :___ Jo aquest any em queden moltíssimes per veure... estic desitjant veure les dues que no ha vist de la teua llista (Blue Jasmine i La vie d'Adèle) i la de Spring sí que em va agradar com ja et vaig dir. No podria fer llista encara perquè estic segura que quan veja 12 years a slave, Frances Ha, La grande bellezza, Before Midnight, i mil que me queden, segur que també m'agraden. Però de moment, crec que incloiria en les pelis que més m'han agradat, segur, Stoker. De fet crec que de totes les pelis que no havia vist abans que he vist aquest any noves, eixa és la que més m'ha impressionat. Se m'ha quedat ahí al cap totes les imatges, inclós la recordo com si acabara de veure-la. La música, Mia Wasikowska i Matthew Goode, tot em va enamorar.

    De les series, tinc molt pendent la d'Orange is the new black, l'Esther també la veu i em va parlar bé d'ella i em vaig recordar que tu la veies. I agree amb el que has dit de Breaking Bad. New Girl he de veure la tercera, perquè m'ha quedat per la segona. I de Coven, d'AHS, vaig pel principi, i m'està agradant.

    De la música, agree amb The National, Bowie i eixa de Phoenix, i la d'Arcade Fire perquè també m'han agradat moltíssim. Les altres l'escoltaré! Jo de discs nous d'aquest any crec que altre que m'ha agradat molt és el de Foals. I Warpaint també han tret un nou que té una pinta genial, no l'he escoltat sencer encara.

    Oh i no tinc instagram :( sinò ja et seguiria per ahi!

    Vaig a passar-me pels post anteriors, un petó gran!