Stereotyping you by your favorite director

By now you know i love the "Stereotyping" kind of posts, i've already posted the Stereotyping you by your fave 90s band and Diagnosing your romantic issues based on your fave literary couple, so now it's time to stereotype you by your favorite director. I'm missing directors like Michael Hankeke, Francis Ford Coppola, Kevin Smith, Jane Campion or Pedro Almodóvar but it's a funny list and i've marked my fave ones so check out the full list at the source and get stereotyped. According to this i'm a weirdo who wouldn't mind to be Jewish, who loves the 80s and quotes way too many movies and would love to be a filmmaker. Pretty accurate:

Wes Anderson
Indie music fans (although none will fess up to it).

Steven Spielberg
People who haven't seen any movies.

Jim Jarmusch
Literary music lovers who aspire to live on the Lower East Side.

Jean-Luc Godard
Francophiles who are bitter.

François Truffaut
Francophiles who are joyous.

John Cassavetes
People obsessed with Ray Carney.

Ingmar Bergman
People who prefer books to movies.

Sofia Coppola
Girls who want to make movies.

M. Night Shyamalan
Kids who want to be the next Spielberg.

Spike Jonze

Gus van Sant
LGBT teens.

Martin Scorsese and/or Paul Thomas Anderson
Really angsty film students who probably attend NYU.

Todd Solondz

Michel Gondry
DIY types who are too busy making stuff to watch a whole lot of movies.

Michael Bay
Complete dumbasses.

Harmony Korine
Very intelligent stoners who secretly wish they were black.

Tim Burton
High school art students with piercings and wild hair.

Judd Apatow

Bros with good senses of humor.

David Lynch
Kooks (an eccentric, strange, or crazy person).

Michael Moore
Politically active pinko liberals.

John Hughes
Teenagers who love all things cheesy and forever belong in the 80s.

The Coen Bros.
Cynics with a penchant for old movies.

Woody Allen
Gentiles who wouldn't mind being Jewish (and vice versa).

Stanley Kubrick
Kids who just got their first camera.

Quentin Tarantino
People who insist on demonstrating their cinephilia by incessantly quoting movies.

Wong kar-Wai
Hip jet-setters.

Federico Fellini
People obsessed with their dream lives.

Richard Linklater



  2. A mi també m'haguera agradat que estigueren Coppola I Haneke, i m'haguera agradat els altres meus favorits: von Trier, Neil Jordan, Visconti, Wim Wenders i Julio Medem. D'Almódovar només he vist tres pelis i com una me va agradar, però les altres dos gens :/ tampoc m'han cridat molt les altres... com que no acabe de sentir el seu humor i les emocions que altres persones senten amb ell. A lo millor dins d'uns anys li done altra oportunitat.

    I no t'agraden Bergman, Truffaut i Godard? Amb el que t'agrada Woody Allen pensava que t'agradarien, perquè ell té molta influència seua, i Tarantino de Godard també. A mí Godard m'agraden coses del seu estil, però les històries de Truffaut i Bergman són millors o a mi m'arriben més.

    De la lista els que més m'agraden, i crec que me definiexen prou bé: Truffaut "Francophiles who are joyous", Bergman "People who prefer books to movies", Sofia Coppola "Girls who want to make movies", Martin Scorsese "Really angsty film students who probably attend NYU" (ja m'agradaria atendre la NYU), David Lynch "Kooks", Woody Allen "Gentiles who wouldn't mind being Jewish (and vice versa)", Quentin Tarantino "People who insist on demonstrating their cinephilia by incessantly quoting movies" (molt me), i Federico Fellini "People obsessed with their dream lives" (molt me).

    Un petó!