Britney Spears by David LaChapelle

Brintey's back with new music, 'Work Bitch' is ok but nothing groundbreaking, but looking back at how and when she started, and seeing how now pop stars like Miley Cyrus do practically anything to be shocking and raunchy, maybe they should take notes at Miss Spears at the beginning of her career. 

It only took her to make this then scandalous photoshoot with David LaChapelle back in 1999 to change her image from a good, innocent sweetheart to sexy young girl, and this shoot wasn't that revealing after all. She didn't need to twerk or do anything with her tongue, she just posed in her underwear at home and that's pretty much it. Maybe times have changed and now we've seen everything, but i personally think that the Miley thing is going too far and it makes little sense. Anyway, below you can listen to Britney's new single and after the cut there's the rest of the LaChapelle photoshoot, with a bonus Brit's little sister Jamie Lynn dressed up as Madonna, so iconic.

sources: pieceofbritney & youtube

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  1. This is when the "dumb" look entered the scene.