Searching for Sugar Man (2012).

I heard quite a lot about this documentary, this year's Academy Award winner, and even though i knew the whole story before watching (don't get spoiled by browsing info about it), i absolutely adored it.

The documentary is based on the research two South Africans did about music legend Rodriguez and his mysterious death. Rodriguez was big in South Africa in the 60s, but despite making music in the US, noone knew about him there. And that's everything you should know before watching. It is a really amazing story, quite surreal, and totally emotive, and one of the things i liked best, without giving away too much, is that it teaches you a lesson of acceptance, of not having remorse or being spiteful, and that's among other things, the greatness of the figure of Rodriguez. Also, his songs were amazing, it's quite surprising to see how back in the day he was depicted as the next best thing since Bob Dylan by music producers, but he didn't  have any success with his two albums in the US. So, i'm posting a few of the songs i like best from him, such a nice discovery, and make sure to watch this documentary because it's really something else. More songs after the cut:

"Cause the sweetest kiss I ever got, it's the one I never tasted"

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  1. No l'he vist ni tampoc havia sentit a parlar sobre ell però els documentals sobre música m'agraden molt així que li donaré un cop d'ull i et dic.

    Un petonet x