Next destination: Prada Marfa

If i ever made a road trip across the US (obvious destination Las Vegas), an obligatory stop would be Michael Elmgreem's and Ingar Dragset's Prada Marfa installation.

Located in West Texas (just off U.S. Route 90 and about 60km northwest of the city Marfa), the retail "shop" is not really a shop at all but rather an "pop architectural land art project" that is now making headlines because nearly after 8 years since its opening in 2005, the Texas Department of Transportation is trying to shut it down for some "illegal outdoor advertising sign" bullshit, the display of a Prada logo on land where that is prohibited. But despite the obvious advertising to the fashion brand, the artists' intention with this installation was meant as "a critique of the luxury goods industry, to put a shop in the middle of the desert."

It's not know yet if the permanent installation will be finally removed or not, but for me it would be such a shame as i really do want to go there and see it with my very own eyes, because i think the idea is simply genius. It's totally iconic and something Andy Warhol would have done today if he was still alive. So let's chain ourselves to the Prada Marfa installation in the name of art and fashion and let us admire the beauty of fashion irony.

sources: huffpost, wiki & nytimes

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  1. Espero que finalment no ho tanquin perquè a mi també m'encantaria veure-ho en directe. Ha de ser una passada trobar-te una "botiga" Prada enmig del no res. A veure com va la cosa, ves-me informant ;)

    Petonets xx