Top 10 Bloc Party songs

The release of Bloc Party's powerful new single 'Ratchet' just confirms that this band is here to stay for a long while, and though many might say that they aren't as good as they were with their first album 'Silent Alarm', i'd love to disagree. I think they really have a lot more to offer and they never disappoint, no matter how weak was their last album 'Four'. Still, their upcoming EP 'The Nextwave Sessions', to be released this August, sounds promising so i dediced to make a top 10 of the best Bloc Party songs for me. Lots of ballads or love songs but that's what Bloc Party does best, as well as some unpredictable tracks so distant from their first original sound that i love, check them out after the cut and tell me your faves!

10. Ratchet

"Make it loud, make it proud, make it count"

9. Little Thoughts
"If it's 'cause my age then you're a coward"

8. Truth
"So I am yours now respectfully, I am yours now truthfully"

7. Sunday
"But our love is louder than words"

6. Mercury
"I'm sleeping with people I don't even like"

5. Kreuzberg
"After sex, the bitter taste, been fooled again, the search continues"

4. Flux
"We were hoping for some romance, all we found was more despair"

3. Banquet
"Turning away from the light, becoming adult, turning into myself"

2. Signs
"In your life you were grander than this, statuesque"

1. This Modern Love
"Baby, you've got to be more discerning, i've never know what's good for me"

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