Skins: FIRE

(Spoiler fest ahead)
When the news of this new and final season of 'Skins' first came out, i was really excited about it, but i didn't imagine the overjoyment that i felt once that i sat down and watch the first episode last week. Because i've missed this show. Just last year i rewatched the two first seasons (the best ones, no argue about that) and the show remains flawless despite the years. And i wasn't expecting anything near that with the new season but i was left satisfied.

On 'Fire', we see Effy all grown up, all-together, making her way on the business word, surrounded by a blue environment, everything is blue and in her life it seems that there's no excitement but from work, which is odd to see considering her past. All this wouldn't have made sense if it wasn't for her late night escapades, where she goes out to dance, to feel alive, where everything is dark and red.

Many have complained about missing the first essence of the show, the nonstop parties, the freedom of being young, screwing up, growing up, but it couldn't be like that now, because that never lasts. Truth is that we see Naomi stuck in that phase, without having a direction in her life or any goals, but at that point it's not something that can be seen as cool or be admired. And Effy has matured enough to see that, which i loved. Because friends drift apart for being in different pages, turning into different people but stick together when times are tough and that was something beautiful in this chapter of 'Skins'. Effy didn't really know how to handle Naomi's illness but she tried her best and stayed by her side, no matter how many times she told her that she was useless at giving her support. That doesn't mean that she doesn't screw up anymore or makes mistakes, truth is that she relies her everything on her boss just because he makes her feel good enough or she hooks up with Dom (great, great character) only when he's out of her reach, which is something old Effy would do. There's this very real thing that this show always has had that for me is the best thing that this series achieved, that are genuine feelings. They touch you to the core and make you relate to what you are watching because feelings are universal and they reflect it so well.

As for Effy, there's this smile that she gives on the final scene, that she always gives at the end of every season she's been in, that makes you wonder about her, someone on Tumblr has figured it out pretty well so check it out after the cut with some other caps from the show i loved because it's really worth it.

i can't really wait for 'Pure', the next chapter with Cassie, my all time favourite 'Skins' character, so i hope it doesn't disappoint. Surely 'Fire', hasn't.

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