Weekend (2011)

This is one of those movies that i wanted to watch only because i heard that it was really good on many different sources and after the numerous good critics it received, but that i didn't have any idea about the plot. So i had no expectations at all. I have to admit that at first it bored me, i tried to watch it a few times on different days because the story was kinda slow but once i watched the whole thing... it was precious. It's a movie about feelings, not actions or events, but pure emotions, most of the time contained but palpable to the viewer, but not to any viewer. It's one of those movies that for many will do nothing, find boring, but for those who do they will adore it, they'll get touched by this love story between two different people, a man that is self-contained, secretive about his life, scared at times, while the other one is a free spirit, that has no problem or shame about his condition, and the meeting they have.

I really want to recommend this movie but as i've said, it's not for everyone, which for me always makes it more special. And the ending is beautiful and poetic, a small and simple story but with a lot of heart. Please go watch it.

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  1. Hauré de veure-la! Té bona pinta, al menys només per les imatges que he vist, i també he escoltat parlar molt d'ella :)