15 years of Ray of Light

15 years have passed since Madonna released her, probably, best album to date and while some of her latest albums are, not bad ('American Life' is a grower and 'Confessions on a Dancefloor' was super catchy back then) nothing she has made after that can live up to the flawlessly that is 'Ray of Light'.

There was a lot of quality in the production, meaningful lyrics, beautiful music and even her voice sounded better, more mature, it was as if the Queen herself was putting all her heart and soul in one record and you can never go wrong with that. What happened after that album is still unclear, feuds with William Orbit over time and pressure from her record label, and an artist that now seems more focused in launching clothing lines with her daughter or opening up gyms than promoting her albums, are turning Madonna into a shadow of what she used to be, the biggest and greatest female artist of all time. And even though she still nails it with her tours, i wish she would take notes from David Bowie and focus on the music, take her time to release new material and do it only when it's something worth coming from her but we'll see what the future has in store for her.

But for now, let us remember the greatness of her masterpiece, so hard to choose between my favourites but here there are some little jewels from that album, including that flawless performance she made at the 1998 VMAs performing 'Shanti Ashtangi' (so underrated) and 'Ray of Light' with Lenny Kravitz playing the guitar, fuck yeah:

Drowned World/Substitute for Love

Candy Perfume Girl


Nothing Really Matters

The Power of Good-Bye

Shanti Ashtangi/Ray of Light (Live at the VMAs 98)

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  1. A mi em va encantar Confessions on a dance floor, suposo que és més de la meva època, però Ray of light és un pedazo de disc. Frozen m'encanta, és una de les meves cançons preferides d'ella. Tens tota la raó amb això de que s'ha posat a massa llocs com el disseny i tal. MDNA no em mata massa, hi ha bones cançons però en general el trobo fluixet i crec que ella ho pot fer molt millor.

    Petonets x