Supermodel, interrupted

Remember when back in 2007 was the golden period of LA "It Girls", starlets like Paris Hilton and Kimberly Stewart were followed by the paparazzi following their every move just because, checking what they wore, what they drank at Starbucks, which Blackberry they had, Lindsay Lohan started going in and out of rehab, Mary Kate Olsen became a trendsetter, Cory Kennedy was everywhere on the internet, Nicole Richie served as an unhealthy thinspiration for every teenager out there, Mischa Barton and Rachel Bilson had the best street style and everyone was putting Britney under a microscope. Yeah, 2007 was all about that and it might had been the inspiration for Steven Meisel's spread for Vogue Italia 'SuperMods enter rehab', an editorial glamourising rehab with supermodels like Agyness Deyn, Lara Stone or Sasha Pivovarova, and the result is quite fantastic, one cannot help but to remember 'Girl, Interrupted' and how the frivolity of the fashion world will make anything look good. Check out the rest of the pics after the cut, some are NSFW, you've been warned:

sources: trendland


  1. El Meisel treballa genial a Vogue Italia. Aquest editorial m'encanta, reflexa super bé la moda de les it girls d'aquell any. Està super ben realitzat, m'agrada molt, molt.

    Petonets x

  2. Love it! La peli és una de les meues favorites, i aquest un dels meus editorials favorits ever! L'última foto i la que estàn dormint abraçades Aggy i Lara Stone les tinc guardades des de que va sortir, perquè la idea em va semblar genial. M'encanta el que has comentat del moment en que va sortir, sembla que fa mil anys de tot això.