GIRLS season 2 best moments and scenes

So, 'Girls' finale was on Sunday and there are so many feelings! Seriously, some say the first season was better but i just have to disagree because there were so many emotions on the second one, too many to handle in one post, but one gotta try and make a list, without any specific order, of the best, most touching moments that the second season had, spoilers ahead!

First things first, and i'm gonna put my probably fave scene from the season, even though it was hard to choose, but we're talking about the flawless ending scene of 'It's a Shame About Ray' (2x04), when Jessa returns to Hannah's after ending her marriage and she gets into the bathtub with a carefree Hannah, who admirably, and without even trying, switches the mood of a broken Jessa, creating a beautiful moment of female friendship. I can relate to that, i remembered a friend of mine when i watched that scene and i think the simplicity of that moment is what really makes this a great show. And well, no need to mention 'Wonderwall', right?

Another great episode was 'Boys' (2x06) with Adam and Ray bonding. I don't think noone ever had any predilection for Ray before but this episode changes that. The ending scene of Ray with the stolen dog, in Staten Island, realizing, not that he's a loser, but that he believes he's one and that his 20-something girlfriend Shoshanna will probably think so too and will dump him once she realizes that was something heartbreaking. A really emtional moment with the parallelism of the hope and enthusiam people in their 20s have and how when you reach your 30s, hope is gone and you just settle with what you have.

The 'Bad Friend' (2x03) episode brought us two great situations, from Hannah's and Elijah's crazy night with coke, coke and coke (seriously, who hasn't ended up in a bathroom's club and had random and deepful conversations when high or drunk?) and also the very great moment of Hannah telling Marnie that she knows about her hook-up with her ex and how she was not the supposedly good friend that she always thought she was, and how their roles are converted now. Because that's a relieve for Hannah after all, she's supposed to be a mess, the sucky friend while Marnie is all perfect and does everything right and now they are on the same level. And it also brought us the great 'Little White Dove' track from Dirty Vegas that i have on repeat all day, all the time:

'On All Fours' (2x09), Lena Dunham's favourite episode to date, brought us a deeper look into Adam and how he tries to have a normal relationship with a normal, random girl, that eventually makes him to go back to drinking. The parallelism between the first time they have sex, nice and slow how she likes it, and the second time when they do it his way, "On all fours", and steamy how he likes it, and her total rejection, when it was like that with Hannah and there was no problem, makes it a really great moment for the character, the impossibility of him having a normal relationship and missing what he had and lost.

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I don't think it's a coincidence that 'One Man's Trash' (2x05) was at the middle of the season, because there's a before and after for Hannah. The little and sort of modern fairytale romance that she experiences during the episode serves for nothing but as a realization that after all, we all want the same, to find love, a partner, that tranquility, everything. Her, breaking down and expressing that to Joshua, Patrick Wilson's character, and his rejection to that feeling was another great example of when you finally get to a point in life, the world might not be where you thought it was.

'Video Games' (2x07) or where Jessa was last seen. This was the first episode where i started liking her character, i kinda felt for her with that 'It's a Shame About Ray' scene, but i never really cared for this character until now. We got to see full on Jessa, from her problems with her father that maybe explain a little bit her attitude towards life and men, with her demanding him to treat her as the child of the relationship, and finally overwhelmed after her divorce and the situation, runs away leaving the 'Girls' meets 'Sex & the city's "I'm sorry. I can't. Don't hate me" that was superb. Also, the very great song from Aimee Mann 'How Am I Different' was the other star from the episode, so perfect:

This season Hannah's and Marnie's friendship took a tumble after the 'Bad Friend' incident, and in 'Boys' (2x06) that became clear when they had nothing to say to each other on the phone. Of course Hannah wants to tell her that she's disappointed in her and Marnie wants to tell her that she's done with Booth Jonathan and is feeling bad but they simply don't do it. The distance between two friends who want to communicate with each other but that simply can't is something that everyone can relate to, everyone has had that same feeling with a friend, and it's awful.

'On All Fours' (2x09) had another great moment, the one we've all been expecting, a random meeting between Adam and Hannah. There were a lot of feelings, from him calling her "kid" as he always used to do, to her being happy to see him, sad to know that he has moved on but without saying anything to him, while he tries to remove himself from the situation because he's not over her. That's why he goes back to his "new girlfriend" and drinks in order to forget, to feel normal, to get over his heartbreak. A really touching scene full of contained emotions.

And finally we get to 'Together' (2x10), the grand finale which has disappointed many but let me tell you that i... adored it. The ending scene with Adam running to Hannah's like as if he was running for his life was so much like the ending of a romantic comedy but done in the right way, it was cheesy but real, corny but relatable and so beautiful, many can say whatever they want but the end was so precious and what girl doesn't love a rom-com? It was a really great moment, really tender and comforting, and now we'll have to wait for next year to see what happens with this meant to be but not meant to be couple, but for sure it will be something full of intensity and emotions.

Also worth mentioning:
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Shoshanna went wild in this season and we loved it, even though it was sad what happened with Ray but let's be honest, we all saw that one coming.

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Marnie had "the worst year of [her] life" this season, and i simply couldn't relate to her more with her feeling of being lost and with no direction set. i was supposed to be Shoshanna but somewhere along the way i became Marnie. Fuck.


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Marnie singing Kanye West's 'Stronger', just because.

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And who doesn't love Jessa after this, for being like this? What a badass fierce lady, the most perfect black pearl.


  1. Aww quin final més guai! m'ha agradat molt aquesta temporada, però potser diria que la primera més. el que sí que m'ha encantat és com han canviat les situacions d'elles respecte la primera temporada, les coses no els surten com volien, problemes de l'adolescència tornen, etc. el final ha estat genial, sobretot l'última escena. l'adam se'm ha fet una mica pesat aquesta temporada però després del final m'he tornat a enamorar d'ell. ja tinc ganes de veure la 3a!!!!

    Un petonet x

  2. Genial el recap que has fest de tota la temporada! :) Has destacat els meus moments favorits també. Crec que a lo millor a alguna gent li va agradar més la primera perquè va ser com més joy, més fresca, i aquesta ha sigut la realization de tot, com que tots els personatges han tingut els peus més a terra i han sofrit més, ha sigut més gloomy, però a mi m'ha encantat perquè com tu dius ha sigut molt de contar les seues emotions, i tot el que passa al món real.

    A mí de les coses que més m'han agradat, besides els moments que tu has destacat, han sigut:

    - El struggle de Hannah escribint. Tota la gent que escriga pot sentir el mateix que ella alguna vegada, jo ho ha sentit i la veritat ha de ser molt difícil haver d'entregar un llibre amb un límit de temps.
    - La "nova" Marnie. L'Allison Williams em recorda un poc a la Kaya Scodelario físicament, que m'encanta, i en aquesta temporada m'ha agradat veure les coses que li han anat passant, tota la relació amb Booth, etc. L'única cosa que no m'ha agradat tant, encara que al principi de la temporada sí que volia que tornara amb Charlie, després m'ha semblat un poc rushed, però bé, m'alegro perquè fan una parella lovely ^^
    - Adam. Adam m'encanta... el Bret Easton Ellis diu que és un dels personatges més sexy de la tv, i estic d'acord! Encara que és un poc psycho, però em fa molta gràcia quan li diu "kid" a Hannah, i com va quedar amb la xica nova, i després la season finale no haguera sigut el mateix sense ell. La primera temporada també cap al final, crec que cada dia m'agradava més gràcies a ell.
    - Jessa en el capítol de Video Games, much love, amb Aimee Mann que ja saps que m'encanta com a tu, i l'escena de Wonderwall va ser una passada també... un dels millors moments.
    - I Ray. M'ha agradat molt al capítol de Boys... i quan li va dir Shoshanna que el volia al subway. Ara sí, la Shosh no m'agrada... al principi em semblava graciosa, però a l'anar avançant la temporada em sembla súper irritant. Està bé el personatge, crec que és necessari a la serie, però no em cau gens bé :/ I no per lo de Ray, que entenc el que han volgut transmetre, però em sembla superficial sense gràcia :(
    - I la música. Ha sigut genial escoltar Oasis, Tame Impala, aquesta que has posat que no la coneixia, Aimee Mann, Icona Pop, una cover dels Rolling de Tegan & Sara... i la musiqueta amb que va acabar el gran episodi de Patrick Wilson, vaig veure que és el Michael Penn el que s'encarrega de tota la banda sonora, que no m'havia donat compte abans, ara entenc perquè és tan bona i surt l'Aimee (L) haha

    un petó, i enhorabona pel post tan xulo!