Lena Dunham, enfant terrible.

Lena Dunham, the voice of a generation, (my generation?) is developing a new potential series for HBO with her co-show runner in 'Girls' Jenni Konner, set in New York and based on the upcoming memoir of New York's legendary personal shopper at Bergdorf's, Betty Halbreich,  titled 'All Dressed up and Everywhere to Go'. Halbreich has dressed three generations of socialités in Manhattan including Meryl Streep and Sarah Jessica Parker, and helped to design the look for 'Sex and the City' and Woody Allen's earlier films, and even 'Gossip Girl'!, so we're talking serious fashion here.

I think this can be a great idea for a new show, i'm not sure if Dunham can get into the world of fashion or her knowledge of it by looking at her personal style which is more casual and sort of messy, but she will sure provide great scenes and funny dialogues and a really interesting look at the "queen mother of personal shoppers". And to get an idea of what they're getting into, some wise words from the lady herself, Betty knows best:

"Show me a person who doesn't like new things – whether it is a frivolous adornment or a necessity, and I say she isn't a woman."

sources: splitsider, nymag

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  1. Uaa genial, ja em moro de ganes de veure-la! m'encanta la Lena Dunham, crec que agrada pel mateix fet que no agrada: fa coses diferents i no tothom les accepta. Jo l'adoro!

    A mi també m'han fet un petó com el del nick a la jess i és una passada. A veure com avança :) petonets x