Beckham and Ritchie for H&M

Guy Ritchie has directed a 90-second commercial for the David Beckham Bodywear collection for H&M Spring 2013 with the football star himelf, running around Beverly Hills in his underwear and I see no flaws in this ad. It has the cool and kick-ass signature style of Ritchie, that even though some of his latest films haven't been as good as 'Snatch' or 'Lock & Stock', is always nice to see, and while the idea of the ad is kinda silly and overused, it has David Beckham half naked so that makes up for everything. 

Also, never forget that glorious ad Guy Ritchie made for BMW with Clive Owen and his ex-missus Madonna, making fun of her Royal Highness and with a hilarious result, you can watch that one here, but be sure to see Beckham in full glory below:

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sources: wwd, beckyrebecca & youtube


  1. Hell yeah! El vaig veure ahir i ahdjrkdakfks! Es tan hoooot aquest home, l'adoro!
    Petonets xx

  2. No coneixia l'altre, molt fun també haha! Aquest com ja et vaig comentar, em va agradar molt.