Wildfox goes Clueless

Wildfox has just released their Spring 2013 collection: Kids in America! and this is totally an homage to 1995's classic 'Clueless'! You just can tell by the looks and the recreation of some of the scenes of the movie starring Alicia Silverstone, and it has Wildfox's always cool phrases like "I'd rather be shopping", "Need ride to the mall" or "Shopping is my cardio" from 'Sex and the City' and I simply love it. I would be happy to wear Wildfox and Miu Miu only, so enjoy the cool campaign because it's far from generic:

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source: wildfox

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  1. Wildfox és amor! haha La previous campaign inspirada en Romeo + Juliet va ser genial, i l'altra inspirada en Almost Famous també! M'encanta la roba i les películes que seleccionen.