Things that mattered in 2012:


Jason Wu Spring/Summer 2013 collection was my fave from this year, i have to admit that i haven't paid too much attention to runway shows this year and as i've already posted the campaigns that have caught my eye (Prada, Miu Miu, Rodarte, Chanel, H&M, Urban Outfitters, etc.), here's the collection:



I haven't seen many new films this year (i blame the sucky opening dates for Spain), and while i'm commenting some i liked from this year, i'm also adding a few from last year because i watched them later than i should and they're awesome:

Amour (Love) - Haneke's movies are sure not easy to watch but always worth doing it and this one is not a miss. An exercise of true love, of forever, of "until death do us part", that is so beautiful and tough, this is true love.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower - now this was SUCH a cute movie, one of those you watch the first 5 minutes and you already know you're going to love. Such a nice surprise, must-watch, go watch it now, what are you doing with your lives?

Prometheus - Whoever expected something close to 'Alien's perfection (as it's directed by Ridley Scott) cannot complain about getting disappointed. Because nothing will ever be as amazing as that movie, not nowadays. But the movie is really great, it makes you reflect on the origin of human kind and the reasons behind it, personally i loved it because less is more, Michael Fassbender and Charlize Theron are awesome in it, and i can't wait to see more.

The Avengers - Nerdgams all over, Joss Whedon really directed the best superhero movie after 'The Dark Knight', i've already talked about it but it was amazing and fun to watch on the big screen, just like a kid.

And noone for 'The Dark Knight Rises'!

Movies i highly recommed from 2011 but that i watched this year:

Shame - Michael Fassbender at his best. Twisted story that gets you in the mind and world of a sex addict. It's not perversion, it's an illness and it's really hard to watch sometimes.

Young Adult - When popular girls grow up, sometimes they don't find their place in the world and are stuck behind. The story is really great and Charlize Theron is also flawless in this (when is she not?), a total must-watch too.

50/50 - Not your average movie about cancer, it's not tough to watch but that doesn't mean that there are parts that are really sad. But this movie really expresses that illness is not the end and one can, somehow, continue to feel alive. Joseph Gordon Levitt does great here and there's the amazing Anjelica Huston, reason enough to watch pretty much anything.

Like Crazy - A really nice surprise, really sweet and real love story with a really great young cast. 

TV Shows

There weren't many good new shows this year, not like last year at all, but if one did stand out was 'Girls' (obvs) and i also became obsessed with 'American Horror Story' but here are my top three of best episodes this year:

Game of Thrones 'Blackwater'. The fight, the ending, Cersei getting drunk, the warriors chanting "Halfman, halfman!" it was all flawless. It's no coincidence that both season 1's and s2's 9th episode are the best ones, they're both written by the author itself George R.R. Martin.

Girls 'Welcome to Bushwick aka. The Crackcident' or the party one. Everything was fun and the ending was perfection, this show really went straight to my favourite shows ever, hope it continues being so genuine.

Pretty Little Liars 'This is a Dark Ride' or the Halloween episode that was OMFG, amazing all the way long. I'm so glad i kept watching this show because at first i found it annoying but now it has gotten really, really good.

Also, the 'Desperate Housewives' show finale was fab, 'Grey's Anatomy' has started really, really good too and 'Awkward' was as cool as ever. But noone for 'Gossip Girl'.


Calvin Harris feat. Florence Welch 'Sweet Nothing'

Bloc Party 'Truth'

Santigold 'Disparate Youth' (2 bears remix)

Alt-J 'Bloodflood'

Daughter - Home

Avicii 'Levels'

Christina Aguilera 'Your Body'


Jersey Shore - The final season aired and it was so sad it ended. Many judge me for watching this but i really had the best time seeing it and it wasn't MTV's most watched show ever because of nothing. They will be missed but we'll always have MTV reruns to GTL, DTF, IFF, MVP and Snooki will be my spirit animal always:

Keeping Up with the Kardashians - this was the year that i watched every single reality show from this family (/noshame) and they're all enjoyable and funny (Kourtney, Khloe and Lord Disick the best) but it's amazing to see that even though Kim Kardashian has 5 other siblings, she still acts like an only child, that bitch.


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