'The Carrie Diaries' pilot

So, on Monday 'The Carrie Diaries' premiered and as skeptikal as i was, i have to admit that i really liked it. It's nowhere close to 'Sex and the City' but it was a nice start, young (and virgin) Carrie Bradshaw making her way into the city, love and life basically, and the whole thing worked. There were some nice references to the good old show like her C. neckless (like the Carrie necklace our SJP used to wear) and the flawless ending with young Carrie sitting on her desktop table to write her journal (there were no Macs then in 1984), so it was a nice wink. Also, Century 21 as her introductory world into fashion and the love of the city that was always present on the show, makes me want to see more, i want to see Carrie drinking her first cosmopolitan, i want to see her starve and buy Vogue instead, failing to find her Big love, so keep calm and Carrie on.

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