22 years without Laura Palmer

Time has passed by but the mystery of both the figure and the death of Laura Palmer is still present. One cannot help but to recall those nights at home watching the show, being scared and intrigued by the whole aura of 'Twin Peaks', a show like no one other,  something that no one had ever watched before, and we allowed its darkness into our living rooms on a weekly basis. Just like if Bob was appearing from the back of the sofa.

Sure many people want to see something like that nowadays, and quickly rumours of a possible third season spread like fire on the internet. Apparently, David Lynch, the master himself, is believed to have had a meeting with NBC executives to bring the show back, setting the story in the present day and wanting the original cast back. But the series' co-creator Mark Frost debunked any rumours at this happening. Of course this is a good thing because even though if Lynch was behind this, and could turn out into a really good thing, the flawlessness of the 90s show could be tainted, and some things are better to leave that way.

Still, its influence can be seen loosely in present shows like 'Veronica Mars' and the 'Who killed Lilly Kane' mystery, or now with Alison Dilaurentis in 'Pretty Little Liars' (i remark the word 'loosely' again), but we'll always have the first two seasons to watch – and the prequel movie, 'Fire Walk With Me', forever underrated. Check out some stills of the best show ever in television history below (it might contain spoilers).

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