Happy Birthday David Bowie

Today is David Bowie's birthday and instead of receiving presents, he makes the world the greatest gift, that is new music from him.

'The Next Day' is going to be his new album, his 30th, and a new single and video have been released, and (sighs) it's really beautiful. 'Where Are We Now?' is a beatiful ballad, the lyrics are heartbreaking and the video is a gorgeous ride through the streets of Berlin, and Bowie's voice... there's something nostalgic about it, i always feel like that, i don't know but i love it, my Twitter username is because of one of his songs, and because I was born on a Thursday, so you can figure. Thank you Mr. Bowie and have a nice birthday.


source: 24bit & youtube

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  1. Thursday's girl és per Thurday's child? :) M'encanta Bowie, molt molt fan, i va ser genial escoltar la nova cançó amb referències a Berlin, a més ara que he tornat a estudiar alemà.

    un petó!