'The Graduate' (1967)

Sometimes it's the little things and details that happen during filming that make it onto the movie giving it a whole new meaning than the originally intended. This is the case of the most remembered scene of 'The Graduate' and also one of the most memorable endings in cinema, when Benjamin finally runs away with Elaine to start a new life away from the pressure and the directions of their parents. It is flawless because at first they're laughing in the bus, feeling all the joy and excitement of the moment, but all of a sudden they stop smiling and remain silent and pensive, as if they were considering what the hell they have just done. Well, that may be what you can take out of that scene but according to director Mike Nichols (who also directed the flawless 'Closer'), this was a result of something else:

Director Mike Nichols claims that the final "sobering"emotion that Benjamin and Elaine go through was due to the fact that he had just been shouting at the two of them to laugh in the scene. The actors were so scared that after laughing they stopped, scared. Nichols liked it so much, he kept it.

I'll be posting more trivia like this, because it really makes you look at scenes in a different way, for some these type of things might be a downer, but i think it's part of the beauty of cinema, that even the unexpected things that occur out of the script can turn out to be great moments in cinema history.

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  1. Havia llegit ja alguna cosa de que va ser fora del script i que després va quedar genial (respecte d'altres pelis també jeje, però d'aquesta en particular) però no sabia que era perquè estaven sota la presió del director jaja, pobrets. La veritat és que la meua cosa favorita d'aquesta peli a part de les escenes del principi quan va a la casa i troba a Anne Bancroft, i quan va amb el tratje eixe que li compren els pares de submarinisme i quan van a l'hotel és el final. Crec que és un final que sense ser així la peli no seria tan bona, i a part de la fugida amb el tratje de novia i el bus amb tota la gent mirant-los i que comence a sonar The Sound of Silence les mirades de desconcert dels dos, d'asustats de fet jaja, és genial :)
    M'agraden aquestes curiosistas, així que espero més posts d'aquest estil amb moltes ganes! :D Ara no se me'n ocurreix ningun goof, però si em recordo d'algun que en sabia uns quants te'ls diré.

    un petó!