This is happiness

'My So-Called Life' has to be one of my favourite shows ever, it only had 19 episodes but it sure made an impact on teenagers of the 90s, because this was not another stupid teen show about highschool, this show had depth and even when i re-watched it years later, far from my highschool years, it still had all the sense in the world.

So here's one of my favourite scenes, this is when Brian, that awkward guy who was forever in love with Angela Chase, asked Delia to go to the dance with him but ditched her when Angela asked him for the dance. So she went anyway, and being on the dancefloor alone she finds the always misunderstood Ricky, and that happens. Their dancing moves are silly but that's the point, they both went solo to the dance and didn't care to dance like that infront of everyone because they loved the song, they enjoyed the moment and simply didn't care about anything else. This is happiness and I love it.

source: youtube

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