An Awesome Wave

Little did i know when i went to see Bloc Party live at the Mallorca Rocks last week, that apart from adoring their awesome performance live (they were in full force, nonstop, one of the best shows i've seen when it comes to enjoy it to the most), that i would like their opening band that much.

Alt-J were quite a surprise, they did an excellent performance live and truth is that i've been listening to their album 'An Awesome Wave' nonstop so i think they deserve a full post dedicated to them with the songs i liked the most of the album. My neighbours probably know all the lyrics by now but give them a chance because they're really good, something a little different from all the Brit bands coming out lately, something new:

Dissolve Me




sources: my instagram & youtub


  1. Ya está bien con el concierto de Bloc Party, no? A ver si usamos las redes sociales para hablar de otras cosas!! Je,je,je

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