Farewell to Skins in 2013

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Little did i know when i watched the 'Skins' show finale this year that there was going to be more 'Skins' left. The seventh season, which is likely to have only three episodes, is not going to feature a new cast and generation, but characters from the beginning of the show till season 6! Who would have expected that? It will wrap most of the character stories and i can't wait for that. Nicholas Hoult has already said that he won't be coming back because of scheduling conflicts, and it's really a shame because Tony was the center character in the first two seasons, and Larissa Wilson, who played Jal, also confirmed she won't be back but here are some characters that (i think) can't be a miss in that final season:

Cassie, my absolute fave character from the whole show because she's "oh wow" so lovely. I really hope they bring her back because she was the reason i liked the show in the first place.

Chris, my second favourite. Now it's not likely that he will be back as (spoiler) he had the most sad ending of the show ever, but it would be nice to see a flashback or something. His character was so funny and yet so adorable that i would love to see him on 'Skins' again. If not then "fuck it!".

Effy has to be a must, she's the character that appeared in most episodes as she was in both generation 1 and 2 and it would be nice to see how she's doing after the whole season 4 drama.

Sid, he was awkwardly cool and absolutely anyone that watches the show wants to know if he did finally met Cassie on the Big Apple.

Katie and Emily, the twins! Katie was so hateable on season 3 but so loving on s4 that i want to know more about her character, just like with Emily though i liked her better on s3. Still, i want and expect both of them back.

JJ, he was the sweetest thing, the kind that made you want to hug him until he was out of air. I want to know if he got his happy ending and i hope to see him for the final season.

Cook, not that i actually loved his character or anything but he was lots of fun and if Effy appears, he has to be there too.

Pandora, a sweet slice of pie. She was really funny and awkward but her character grew on me. It will be interesting to see where does her relationship with Effy and Thomas stands.

Thomas, the real tear-jecker. His story was so emotive and beautiful, this character always had wise and touching words for the rest. He has to be back.

Yeah, and none from the third generation (seasons 5 and 6) but only because we've seen enough from them. Maybe Mini would be nice to see and Franky if she didn't become so annoying on s6 but the less we have of these, the more we'll have from other seasons, so bring me generations 1 and 2 more!

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  1. Moltes ganes de veure aquesta 7 season si van a sortirs els de la 1a y 2a. Una llàstima que Nicholas no vaja a sortir perquè era molt important el seu personatge, i el canvi que va tenir em va encantar... m'agradaria veure-lo amb Effy, els dos junts :__ Effy i Cassie un must (L) i el Sid també, a veure si va trobar Cassie!