Girlbands of the 90s

Girlbands owned the 90s, i don't think there can be now a group with all female members having success like it happened then but maybe one of those bands will prove me wrong.

Sugababes' original members (the band has now been totally replaced), have reunited and are already recording in the studio! This one is probably one of my fave bands back then, which made me remind of many other girlbands i used to play nonstop on my casette player, so here are my fave 3, as well as some others worth mentioning:

- Sugababes: their first album 'One Touch' is really a little jewel, it sounded really different at the time, though it had similarities to All Saints, and proved that they didn't need to wear flashy outfits or do any choreographies to succeed, here's of course, everyone's favourite and also another track that i adore:


Soul Sound

- All Saints: these four ladies also made a difference, they dethroned the Spice Girls and brought to the girlband scenario some quality to the music and lyrics, another band of talented girls but who didn't mind being sexy at the same time. Obligatory 'Pure Shores' song and also their first single 'I Know Where It's At' which i played over and over and over again, as well as their first album:

Pure Shores

I Know Where It's At

- TLC: Second best selling girlband ever (1st are the Spice Girls and 3rd Destiny's Child), their album 'Crazy Sexy Cool' was the first CD i ever bought and damn it was good. I have to admit that the death of Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes was really shocking to me, as well to the world, but this band was the soundtrack of my teen years and it was really sad. Everyone knows 'Waterfalls' so i'm posting two of my faves, the fantastic and elegant 'Creep' and the so very 90s sound, video and everything 'What About our Friends' from their first album, which i bought without having heard a single song but it was money well spent:


What About Your Friends

Noone of these women had later success as solo artists but they made some nice efforts, here are the three best songs a member of each band has done:

Siobhan Donaghy - Overrated

Artful Dodger feat. Melanie Blatt - Twentyfourseven

T-Boz - Touch Myself

Other bands worth mentioning of course are the Spice Girls, En Vogue, Atomic Kitten, Destiny's Child, Allure, Solid Harmonie, Girl Thing and Eternal so click on each of them for your listening pleasure.

UPDATE: Part ll continues here.

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