Me wants!

Having a Tumblr is not only a wonderful way to waste time but also a great source to discover new things like these two cameras, the Knäpa Ikea camera and the Instagram Socialmatic camera, two to die for cameras that i need in my life:

Knäpa is going to be the world's cheapest digital camera, it's made out of a single piece of folded cardboard, a single circuit board and an integrated USB connector. No word about the camera's launch date or price but i'm definately gonna buy it if it doesn't cost much though it works with batteries which is a total downer.

And here's something i'm really gonna buy no matter what, the Instagram Socialmatic camera, this was at first just a project but now it's going to become a reality and it will come with 16GB mass storage, Wifi and Bluetooth, a 4:3 touchscreen, two lenses, optical zoom, LED flash and all the Instagram filters! Isn't this good news? I adore Instagram and this is about to become the new Polaroid, me wants!

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