MDNA Barcelona

I wasn't really excited to see Madonna live this week as i didn't like her new album that much and despite having the best time when i saw her with the 'Sticky & Sweet' tour, i wasn't looking for it as before but... it was AMAZING! Just like the other time, Madonna gives everything she has to offer on stage to the max, she makes absolutely everybody dance and jump, she lives for the audience and maybe that's something you don't usually hear about her, but i've seen her two times live now and she's been the same at both.

She also looked flawless, danced her heels off, rocked with the guitar and basically, she offered a show like it was her last one, and i can only take my hat off to her. As for the performances, i danced like mad with 'I'm Addicted' (what a massive grower), 'Vogue' (always), 'Hung Up' (0bvs) and 'Girl Gone Wild' (0fc), sang like crazy with 'Papa Don't Preach' (i wasn't expecting that song - i never check out the set list before a concert), teared a bit with 'Like A Prayer' and the choir singing (it was magical), was amazed with the flawless 'Human Nature' performance with the mirrors like in the music video, just like with all those dancers playing the tambourine and hanging from above in 'Give Me All Your Luvin' and what can i say about 'Express Yourlsef' meets 'Born This Way'? she simply makes it so obvious that Gaga ripped that song it's not even funny, it's nearly ridiculous, Madonna even sang the line from her song 'She's Not Me' at the end which was superb and A+, you can see that on the vid below and you can also check out the crappy quality pics i took with my Blackberry cellphone but well, i didn't really care about that at the moment, so :)

Express Yourself meets Born This Way / Gimme All Your Luvin

source: moi!

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