Another Earth (2011)

Sometimes it happens that two or more movies about the same topic come out at the same time, like when all the movies were about magicians ('The Prestige', 'The Illusionist' or even 'Scoop') or friends who have sex but want more ('Friends with benefits' and 'No Strings Attached'). So this happened again with 'Melancholia' and 'Another Earth', two movies dealing with planets and the role of human beings on the Earth. So, how to explain 'Another Earth'? It certainly reminds you of Lars Von Trier's movie but with another take of things. Here, the Earth is not endangered by the proximity of another planet but by the uncertainty of a new one called Earth 2.

I don't want to reveal anything else because it's better not to know much about the movie (the trailer gives everything away), and even though some things may seem predictable, that's really a key thing of the plot, and the ending of the movie will haunt you for days. Go watch it please.

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  1. Molt xules les fotos que has triat, com ja saps la peli em va agradar moltíssim, un dels grans descobriments de l'any passat per a mi, tant la peli com la Brit Marling :)