Rebecca & Fiona

Rebecca & Fiona are Swedish, one is blonde, the other brunette, they dj and like electropop and that's pretty much it. They remind me of Shampoo but with better clothes and more dance tunes. They have finally released their first album 'I Love You, Man' and while some songs are not that good, there are others that are total hits beginning with 'Bullets' or 'Luminary Ones' (which is not included on the album, boo) but their music always make you want to dance, so here are the songs that i really love of them, classy electropop is what we have here.

source: vampyrpojke


  1. Thanks so much for linking to my site! I have linked to yours, too, it is interesting. I am happy to "meet" another Sofia fan and I hope you will visit me often. xx

  2. Love it! El video i la cançó de Luminary Ones em pareix genial... té eixe rotllet electro/pop a més que em recorda la veu un poc a Lykke Li (L), se la passaré al meu novio perquè crec que li agradaràn :)