sueña que sueña con ella

Now this is a video that will only make sense for those who have watched 'La flaqueza del bolchevique' (2003), movie starring Luis Tosar and María Valverde, and probably, many of those who have seen it didn't notice the beauty of this scene.

The protagonist Pablo López (oh, that name) has just slept with someone who he doesn't even likes and he finds himself driving to work like every other morning while listening to Extremoduro's song 'Standby'. Now i'm not a fan of that band but the music and lyrics fit so well in this scene that you can't help but love it. So, there he is, trying to prove himself that he doesn't care about María, the 14-year-old girl he has recently met, the one he connected with and the one he tells things that he doesn't share with anyone else, the beautiful epiphany that he's in love with her and he can't fight it. Everything while he's driving through the streets of Madrid, like any other morning, like everything was like the day before.

I simply loved this film, it's a simple but beautiful story and this scene simply stands out. It's totally moving and relatable.

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