Garbage used to be my favourite band, and i say used to be because they haven't released anything in the past few years and their last album was kinda forgettable, but they always have written some amazing stuff, they used to give me the feeling that they wrote songs about me and that's not easy to find for someone who's not into music as much as the rest of the world (of course i like music, but i'm surrounded by people who lives and breathes music and that ain't me).

But that's (maybe) about to change, they have just announced that they will release an album next year, a new single this Christmas "as a christmas present from Garbage as a thankyou to you all for sticking around" and a tour next year (OMG). So am i to blame if i get excited? i've always loved this band, Shirley and the boys, who have always taken care so well of their fans (never forget that the band had secretly split up until Butch Vig decided to get them all together after bumping into some excited fans). They didn't invent the term "darkling" to refer to their fanbase just for nothing. So here i am, a dear darkling waiting for my G-Christmas present and posting some of of my fave songs from them, difficult to choose but here they are:


nobody loves you
source: GFacebook

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