'Heathers TV' Trailer

The reboot of the chick flick classic 'Heathers' into a TV show didn't sound too good at first, but the first trailer is out and it looks real good. It has 'Mean Girls' vibes all over and a bit of touch of the 80s film, and the fact that original Heather is on it as well (Shannen Doherty) makes it all way better. It also has Selma Balir playing one of the Heathers' moms so this can't get any better unless Winona Ryders would make a cameo on it. Also, the fact that they changed the Heathers from three girls to two chicks and a boy it's really something great as it diversifies more the original iconic gang.

The killer reboot premieres on March 7th so let's hope it doesn't disappoint because i love a good highschool dramedy and this one looks badass. Beware of the traielr because it's kinda spoilerish.

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