TLC's 'Deluxe'

TLC are back! The last time they released an album was in 2002 with '3D' and there they included some vocals by late member Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes, but now with 'Deluxe', i think it's the first time they are releasing something by themselves.

Sure it was a really a really hard blow when Lisa Lopes, their most popular and probably, talented member, tragically passed away, and it has been a really hard test for them to keep going as a band, because all three fitted so well together. 'CrazySexyCool' is one of my fave albums and as the title states, each of them had something different that made their three member girlband something unique. From their voices to their personalities, TLC were the biggest girlband in the world and not too long ago were still the most selling girlband ever.

So now what happens with 'Deluxe' where T-Boz and Chilli are by themselves without their most iconic member? The result is not bad. There are songs that are really not bad though not something great, they even have a collaboration with Snoop Dogg, but there are a few ones that really evoke TLC's old glory days and are really really worth listening. Songs about positive feedback as they always do, with tracks like 'Haters' and 'Perfect Girls' or true friendship and missing old dear peers like 'Start a Fire' and 'American Gold', these songs remind me to the TLC i loved back when i was a teenager. So, did they pass the test as a duo? I think with tracks like the ones i mentioned and those meaningful lyrics, they're on the way. So, decide by yourself and take a listen to them below or check out the album here.

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