Music Monday (HAIM, Arcade Fire, Kesha, Kid Wise & Hidrogenesse)

Music Monday post! Here are some songs that i've had on repeat for some time now so enjoy!

Haim - Want You Back
The Haim sisters are back and her new single and vid are amazing. The choreographed music video is fantastic and the song one of the ones that really stands out from their new album. I have to give it a few more listens but this song is the one i liked best, for now. I had to post the vid because i loved it.

Arcade Fire - Creature Comfort
This song is pure fire. After 'Everything Now' that kinda gave us 'Reflektor' vibes but this new track is amazing. I didn't expect much from the new album but after this song my body is ready.

Kesha - Praying
I've always loved fun Kesha, she's got really strong hits like 'Tik Tok' or 'Die Young' but this new track after all she's gone through is really touching and emotional. The lyrics and the music are really beautiful and tearing and she has really done a really great track. And she can really sing.

Kid Wise - Hope
I discovered this song waiting to see Hidrogenesse live and it's really catchy and it only gets better. It's an oldie but it's worth listening because it lightens up your mood and makes you want to dance.

Hidrogenesse - El árbol
And while seeing Hidrogenesse live, this song really caught my attention because of the lyrics. Yeah, it's in Spanish but i could not add it here because it really touched me deep so here it is. 

sources: youtube & spotify

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